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We are a private multi-disciplinary psychotherapy practice dedicated to providing traditional and innovative intervention options for individuals with neurologically based difficulties in their lives. We work with children and adults who have problems with attention, anxiety, mood, social relatedness, learning, and behavior.

The Mission of Affective NeuroSciences
Our mission is to help individuals and groups live more creative, meaningful, and conscious lives. We achieve this mission by integrating heart, mind, body and soul in the healing process and by cultivating each person's individual journey toward wholeness. Neurofeedback can be used to address the spectrum from brain dysregulation to mystic states. It addresses a spectrum of brain dysregulation disorders and can be used for applied neurotherapy, designing and implementing treatment protocols for children and adults with attention disorders and autism spectrum disorders, as well as depression, trauma, anxiety, sleep disturbances, addictive disorders, pain control, loss of function associated with disease and normal aging, and head injuries. Neurofeedback can be used as a tool, not only to treat dysregulation but also to attain optimal mental agility, enhanced athletic and musical performance, and personally meaningful transformational experiences.

Live a healthfull life
Dr. Lonsberry is a strong believer in life-long learning and inner-life development. Dr. Lonsberry's mission is to enable her clients to find the strength and dignity to create autonomy in their health and their lives. To leave behind outdated beliefs and repeating patterns which hinder the flow of living more healthfully, in the here and now.


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